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Spread Innovation

Looking back over nearly 35 years of Focal Point's history, it has truly been a history of change. This is because Focal Point has focused on the potential of innovative products and on creating markets that did not yet exist. It has been a game changer. This transformation is the gene of Focal Point. We are constantly exploring new markets with innovative products. The only thing that never changes is that Focal Point keeps changing.

Stir up the market

Focal Point excels at creating and securing demand in new untapped markets. As competitors enter a market that has been opened up, we have the ability to compete with new product features, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Focal Point's mission is to maximize the appeal of its products and continue to deliver them to the Japanese market.

Game Changers

Focal Point creating markets
for innovative products

  1. Early 90’sHard Disk Drives

    In the early days of Macintosh and PCs, hard disk drives (HDDs) were either not available or had limited capacity. Focal Point helped popularize HDDs in Japan, which were necessary for editing images, video, and music on Macs and PCs.

  2. Late 90’sDigital Video

    Today video editing is generally done digitally, but it was Focal Point that introduced a solution to the Japanese market in the 1990s for editing video digitally via the Mac and PC. At that time, linear editing was still mainly done on tape media. This was a pioneering event in digital video editing that continues to this day.

    Focal Point's CEO and founder worked for 1 year as Apple Japan's head of sales

  3. Late 90’sUSB

    When Apple Inc. said goodbye to ADB and SCSI standards in 1998 with the first-generation iMac (Bondi Blue), it placed a new USB connector standard at the center of the market. Focal Point was quick to provide USB adapters and other USB-connected accessories to the Japanese market which helped to bridge the old standards to the new USB standard.

  4. 2000’s - 2010’siPod/iPhone

    Smartphones have long since become a necessity for people today and Focal Point has always been a major player in the smartphone market. Starting with the introduction of the iPod in the 2000s which is the origin of the smartphone, Focal Point brought the idea of protective cases and peripherals to the iPod. We have since provided countless smartphone cases and accessories to iPod and iPhone users in Japan.

  5. 2010’s -Bone Conduction

    Bone conduction earphones are a product category that represents the characteristics of Focal Point. Bone conduction earphones were often misunderstood as having poor sound quality. In 2017 we signed a distributor agreement with Shokz (formerly Aftershokz). Since then we have created a new segment within the audio product category for bone conduction earphones. We spread the message in Japan that bone conduction earphones are easy to use, have high sound quality and help to keep you aware of your surroundings while using them. This has totally overturned conventional wisdom.


Focal Point has developed an extensive sales network over our nearly 35 years in business. We are experts in both online and retail sales. We sell through Amazon and other online channels and have the capability to ship individual orders. In a densely populated country like Japan, there is still a culture of going to electronic retail stores to see and learn about electronic products before making a final purchase. Focal Point has access to a sales network of more than 2,000 large-scale stores, and up to 5,000 stores when including mobile carrier stores.

Sell-In Electronics store 3,000+


    • AKKY International Corporation
    • Alpen K.K.
    • Amazon Japan K.K.
    • AppBank K.K.
    • Apple Japan G.K.
    • Bell-Park Co. K.K.
    • Bic Camera INC.
    • Bigstar K.K.
    • Century Corporation K.K.
    • Culture Convenience Club Co.,Ltd.
    • Daiwabo Information Systems K.K.
    • E-Supplies K.K.
    • Edion K.K.
    • EXAWRDS K.K.
    • Francfranc Corporation
    • Fujiya AVIC K.K.
    • Global DC K.K.
    • Hands Inc.
    • ICOM Information equipment K.K.
    • Idea International K.K.
    • ITX Corporation K.K.
    • Joshin Denki K.K.
    • Kaga Solution Network Co.,Ltd.
    • Kanematsu communications K.K.
    • KDDI Corporation K.K.
    • Keisui K.K.
    • K's Holdings Corportaion K.K.
    • Lightec Inc.
    • Lstyle Corporation
    • M-Frontier Corporation
    • MDS Company Ltd.
    • MS Solutions Co.,Ltd.
    • Murasaki Sports K.K.
    • MX Mobiling Co., Ltd.
    • Nojima Corporation K.K.
    • NTT Docomo K.K.
    • Oshman's Japan K.K.
    • Otsuka Corporation K.K.
    • OneMore K.K.
    • PC DEPOT Corporation K.K.
    • SBC&S K.K.
    • Shaddy Co., Ltd.
    • Shiratori K.K.
    • SoftBank Mobile K.K.
    • T-GAIA Corporation K.K.
    • TANICO K.K.
    • TD SYNNEX K.K.
    • TimeMachine K.K.
    • Too K.K.
    • Tera K.K.
    • Tsutayakaden enterprise K.K.
    • Victoria K.K.
    • Watts
    • Y's International
    • Yamada Denki K.K.
    • Yodobashi Camera Company, Ltd.

store displays

We maintain product shelves in retail stores across Japan using quality control store patrol sales teams. We regularly visit stores to listen to store manager requests and maintain our POP displays. We make every effort to ensure that displays are clean and filled with the latest products.

  • Yodobashi Camera

    With 24 stores in prime locations in front of train stations in major cities and areas such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. Yodobashi also has an online store and is one of the largest electronics retailer in Japan. Although it started out selling cameras, it now carries a full range of products, from PCs and home electronics to stationery and alcoholic beverages.

  • Bic Camera Group

    Bic Camera is an electronics retailer with stores in various areas, mainly in front of major city stations such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yurakucho, and Yokohama. The company has expanded by forming business alliances with Kojima and Sofmap and now the group as a whole has 218 stores.

  • Yamada Denki

    Yamada is Japan's largest electronics retailer, with over 1,000 stores located in every corner of Japan, from in front of train stations to along the roadsides. This is an important sales channel in rural markets where many people do not purchase online.

  • Tsutaya Kaden

    Unlike the previous three retailers, Tsutaya Kaden is operated by the bookstore Tsutaya and is focused on lifestyle. With locations in high-end residential areas, it is a valuable experimental store where you can experience cutting-edge gadgets.


We are experts at selling on Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping. Our dedicated online sales team can manage brand pages and actively participates in sales events and promotions.

  • Amazon


    Amazon has a very large share of the EC market in the Japanese market. The wealth of sales know-how at Amazon is very important for product sales. Focal Point's online sales and marketing team is capable of managing Amazon brand pages and we have been selling products on Amazon since 2012.

  • Rakuten Ichiba

    Rakuten Ichiba

    Rakuten Ichiba is the e-commerce site of the Rakuten Group which offers mainly internet-related services. Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan in terms of sales. Focal Point has been selling on Rakuten since 2011 and actively participates in Rakuten-sponsored sales and promotions.

  • Yahoo! Shopping

    Yahoo! Shopping

    Yahoo! is the group company of Softbank (Z Holdings), one of Japan's largest cell phone carriers. Yahoo! Shopping is the e-commerce site and Focal Point has been selling here since 2018.


Market research, sales and

Crowdfunding attracts attention as a means of fundraising and it is now also being used widely as a sales method which combines market research, advertising and public relations. Focal Point has a long track record in crowdfunding. In 2023, Shokz's OpenFit earphones successfully received over 250 million yen in investment from more than 10,000 supporters. Utilizing our expertise in advertising, filming of product videos and creating and managing websites, we have attracted many investors through crowdfunding and we have used this platform to launch new products into the Japanese market.

  • OpenFit 0JPY 0Backers
  • OpenRun Pro 0JPY 0Backers
  • TUNEMAX 100W GaN 0JPY 0Backers


All across Japan

Distribution of products to thousands of stores throughout Japan requires a very high level of logistics management technology and know-how. Focal Point provides thorough management and responsible delivery of products, display POPs and sales promotion materials to electronics retail stores throughout Japan.

B2B and B2C

Today, delivery information is managed in the cloud, and even individual customers can easily track and share delivery status via e-mail or SNS. Purchased products need to be promptly delivered to all customers throughout Japan as soon as possible. Focal Point can ship products ordered online so that they arrive the same day or the next day without any hassles or trouble. We deliver with the same ease to both corporate and individual customers.

Customized delivery boxes

Focal Point can create and deliver custom delivery boxes suitable for shipping within Japan with your brand or product name printed on the box.



In order to be sold in Japan, products must be fully compliant with Japanese laws and regulations. In the case of products that supply electricity, a proof of compliance with the PSE (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) is required. For products which emit radio waves, there are regulations such as technical compliance (technical standards compliance certification) and recycling regulations, each of which requires that a product be tested and certified as compliant. Focal Point has solid know-how in product compliance testing and documentation for these laws and regulations.


Focal Point is a corporate member of MCPC. We comply with Japanese laws and regulations including the handling of Lithium-ion batteries.


For products distributed in Japan, the packaging, warranty cards and instruction manuals should be translated into Japanese. Localization of graphic designs and illustrations which adapt to the Japanese culture are also keys to successful selling. Focal Point can help with translation work. Taking these steps gives Japanese customers a sense of trust in the product and in the brand.


Focal Point helps to jointly implement brand development in the Japanese market. We readily comply with logos, designs and color regulations set forth by the manufacturer. We help build a quality brand image while complying with copyright, trademark and other laws and regulations. If asked, we can implement branding which is unique to Japan.


Media and Public

In Japan where 125 million people live with its own language, unique marketing and public relations can be very effective. We can provide a variety of media and public relations services, including press releases, holding press events at hotels and venues, and providing localized press kits to the media. Our close relationships with the press helps to get new product announcements and product reviews into digital and print publications all across Japan.


Focal Point maintains close communications with a variety of Japanese bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, X (formerly Twitter), and other SNS creators. We can enlist their help as needed. We also use influencers to help with advertising.

  • YouTube

    As in the rest of the world, producing and distributing video content on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok is important in marketing. Focal Point can help to translate audio into Japanese text for video subtitles.

  • Blogs

    Blogs are important for providing text content which can be easily queried and found when customers do product searches on the internet. We provide product samples to key opinion leaders who write products posts on blogs which provide detailed information about products.

  • Japan is a very active X (formerly Twitter) country and it is important to disseminate information via this platform. We have relationships with many X influencers.

  • Instagram

    Instagram is an important SNS for product publicity, where photos and hashtags have great influence. It is particularly effective in appealing to young people and women. We communicate the appeal of products through Instagram influencers.

Buzz Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOM) is one of the major methods of advertising today. Focal Point also uses word-of-mouth marketing. A law regulating word-of-mouth marketing was enacted in Japan and Focal Point joined WOM Japan to comply with the law.


Focal Point is a corporate member of WOMJ (WOM Marketing Association of Japan). We comply with Japanese Word of Mouth marketing laws and properly advertise products.

Launching in Japan

With close to 35 years of experience, Focal Point is skilled at assisting companies to establish a presence and build their brand in the Japanese market. We not only have the connections to get your product story into newspapers and television, but we can also assist with public relations and help your products win awards in Japan.

Point of Purchase creation

Our in-house creative department is equipped with professional printers and acrylic cutter machines. Under the supervision of a dedicated designer we can prepare custom POP displays in-house including localized POP display panels for installing in stores.


Winning product awards is a good marketing tool in Japan. We can assist if companies would like to apply for annual awards such as Good Design and VGP.

  • Good Design Award

    This is an annual design award in Japan which is given to products having excellent design. Winning this award is a good marketing tool. Many of the products we sell have received the Good Design Award in the past and we can assist if companies are would like to apply.

  • VGP Award

    This award is given to audiovisual equipment and is judged by critics who are actively writing for specialized audiovisual magazines. Audio equipment ranging from earphones and microphones to USB gadgets can be enter for judging in this annual award.

  • TV/Film

    The products we carry have often been featured in Japanese television programs. We have also helped with product placement in TV dramas and movies.


Product launch events

Focal Point has hosted new product launch events in a variety of formats depending on the size of the market. Whether it is a media launch for newspapers, TV, magazines or web media, a launch event inviting influencers, or a hands-on event for general users, we can organize an event to suit your purpose.

Business Trade Shows

Japan has a number of event halls, including Makuhari Messe and Tokyo Big Sight, where various conventions are held. Focal Point has experience in managing trade show events and can set up and staff booths as needed.

Event exhibitions

Focal Point exhibits at numerous user-oriented events. We have exhibited at booths jointly with manufacturers at marathon and triathlon events and other sports-related events to promote bone conduction earphones. We exhibit at events tailored to our products and take advantage of our past achievements and experience.

In-store Events

On the product sales floors of electronics retailers, various events including in-store product presentations and hands-on workshops are held to interact with customers. Participating in these events leads to brand recognition and direct sales.

User Support

Customer service in Japan

Customers in the Japanese market demand a very high level of customer service for their products so a high level of customer service is needed to follow up on these demands. Having launched a wide variety of products, Focal Point's in-house customer support team is prepared to provide user support tailored to each product.


Since 1985

We are a master distributor of consumer electronics products with nearly 35 years of localization, import, marketing, sales and support experience in Japan.

Founded in 1985 as a computer consultation company, Focal Point incorporated in 1989 to import and distribute image processing and storage devices in the Japanese market. In the late 1990s, we expanded the business into consumer electronics and computer peripherals and greatly expanded the penetration of products into thousands of retailers across Japan.

Currently, we work with manufacturers and brands based in the United States, Europe, Asia, and all around the world to sell, market and support outstanding audio and smartphone-related accessories, Mac and PC peripherals, and lifestyle products in Japan.

Channel Representation
Our channels include subdistribution to large distributors, direct sales to CE, lifestyle, sports, Apple Premium Reseller channels, as well as, online to sales on Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping.


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